What it Means to Build Green

Experts in Earth Advantage Home Building for ten years, here at Taylored Elements Construction, we build efficient, quality homes. Each one of our new builds are inspected for peak performance. Earth Advantage certified homes must meet specific home design, construction, system and material standards. This ensures home building practices that result in a more efficient, superior performing and a healthier home. Taylored Elements has spent years working with local subcontractors and suppliers in order create build packages that are good balance of price, quality and efficiency.

Certification Process
Earth Advantage and Energy Star Certification occur through a third party inspection and performance testing of each home. An Energy Performance Score (EPS) Audit is conducted to confirm that your home is performing at its greatest potential.Typical Platinum Earth Advantage certified homes perform 25-30% better than a standard code built home. Peak performance of your home is our guarantee. Our “Green” certified realtor has given us sales data that shows that Earth Advantage home sell above market value and proof can be seen anytime you look at the homes utility bills

Five Pillars of Earth Advantage Certification

  • Our homes contain high performance equipment, extra insulation and advanced farming techniques that improve the performance of the building envelop. This means less fossil fuel dependence, fewer carbon emissions,and savings on your monthly energy bill.

  • Healthier products are used to avoid off-gassing of harmful chemicals during the manufacturing of your home. Installation of more efficient ventilation and filtration system can reduce airborne contaminants and reduce the risk of asmtha, allergies, and other serious health risks.

  • Use of improved water system technologies leads to lower utility bills and an overall reduction of the homes water usage conserving this precious resource in the 21stcentury.

  • Quality locally-sourced products reduce the maintenance of your home over the years, protecting more natural resources.

Land Development
  • Better building practices used during the construction process lessen degradation and deforestation as well as reduce waste and erosion.
More information can be found at the Earth Advantage Website