What it Means to Build Green

Committed to building energy efficient, healthy, durable, resource-wise and high quality homes, here at Taylored Elements Construction, we pride ourselves on building Earth Advantage "platinum" level homes built to last with minimal impact on the planet. Earth Advantage certified homes must meet specific home design, construction, system and material standards. Being EA certified ensures that builders are held to standards of quality that add immediate and lasting value to the home. Third-party certification ensures five key areas of building a sustainable home are met: energy, health, land, materials, and water. 

Certification Process

Earth Advantage and Energy Star Certification occur through a third party inspection and performance testing of each home. An Energy Performance Score (EPS) Audit is conducted to confirm that your home is performing at its greatest potential. Typical Platinum Earth Advantage certified homes perform 25-30% better than a standard code built home.  All certified homes comply with prerequisites that assure construction best practices are implemented. Our Certified Earth Advantage Broker has provided sales data showing that Earth Advantage homes sell above market value! Proof can be seen in every utility bill!

Five Pillars of Earth Advantage Certification


  • Energy efficiency means more comfort for less cost and less impact on the environment. EA certified homes use a variety of features and techniques to save 20% more energy than a home built to code (on average). Some of the energy saving measures included on all certified homes include: Effective insulation systems, high-performance windows, tight construction and sealed ducts, efficient heating and cooling equipment, ENERGY STAR qualified lighting and appliances. We work hard to reduce our impact on the earth and it's resources and pass the benefits to you as the home owner!


  • EA certified homes offer a healthier living environment. Builders use more sustainable materials and finishes that do not off-gas harmful fumes. They ensure that air is filtered before entering the home, that all gas combustion systems are sealed, and that the home is properly ventilated to expel any remaining harmful pollutants. EA homes also protect the home from health risks associated with excessive moisture reducing the risk of rot, mold, fungi and pests. Air sealing the home promotes health by helping to prevent airborne allergens and ventilation improves the air quality in the home.


  • Reduced water consumption! EA certified homes protect water quality and preserve this precious resource. Installing low flow fixtures and toilets help reduce water use. Measures are taken during construction to prevent erosion, protect nearby bodies of water and manage stormwater. 


  • Materials and products are chosen wisely to increase durability and to decrease maintenance and replacement costs. Locally sourced products are used when available and products containing high percentages of recycled content are chosen when possible.  

Land Development

  • Earth Advantage certified homes reduce the negative impacts that construction can have on the land and natural systems. Care is taken to preserve natural habitats and features, vegetation and open space. emphasis is placed on landscaping with native and drought resistant plants as well as preserving soil from damage, contamination and erosion.

More information can be found at the Earth Advantage Website